Urban Data Processing and Visualization Toolkit

Vojtěch Tomas
David Sedláček
shadow supervisor and chaos manager
Josef Kortan
in cooperation with
Tomáš Hudeček
Annamária Bohuniczky
Jiří Čtyroký
Giang Chau Nguyenová
Jan Petýrek
Anna Moudrá

Urban data visualization plays a vital role in sustainable city evolution. Visual media enable efficient communication which is the cornerstone of any development. This thesis presents a design and implementation of a modular visualization system of urban data. The initial research focuses on the role of data platforms in urban planning and analyses the integration of visualization with diverse data sources, including simulation models. Further, the thesis explores possible geometry representations and ways to process large geospatial datasets. A simple and extensible styling language is proposed. The system implementation is available as two python packages for data processing and visualization. On the inside, the geometry processing is implemented in C++ using spatial and temporal acceleration data structures. The visualization component is implemented as an accessible web application enabling data viewing and export. The validation of the implemented solution includes the evaluation of performance tests and an iterative qualitative user study.

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